“Pollen, bees, symbiotic, pollination, flowering, health, evolution…” All these are what Pollen is about. Our exciting offerings are about helping companies and individuals to flourish and to achieve the best they can, through a variety of people development programmes and interventions.

Once we have assisted with bridging and development courses we are then able to work with individuals to ensure the right match of people and environment. This, especially is true in the specialist area of Direct Marketing where our services are provided in association with the DMASA.

Our compelling interactions span knowledge events, seminars, conferences and both short and long term training. From beginners to Masters we are able to provide support across a broad range of specialist, business and personal mastery subjects.

Knowledge Events ● Customised Training and Development Programmes ● Personal Mastery ● Business Skills, Coaching, Mentoring ● Marketing and Direct Marketing Courses ● Bridging Courses ● Staff Placement  
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