Pollen Courses 2016 available 31 October 2015

Beat the opposition and get your career on the fast track to marketing excellence and tangible results for your business...

Competition in the professional marketing industry market has never been fiercer. Whether you're employed in the corporate sector, NGO or agency environment, or you're a business owner in the field of marketing communications, you'll know that your industry moves at break neck speed and there's no room for slackers.

Remaining relevant and ahead of the curve relies heavily on continued professional development, quick and impactful learning interventions from industry gurus, and networking with the very best thought leaders in the industry. In fact, your continued ability to attract new business and drive profits for your business in a world that is massively demanding, growing in complexity and unforgiving of mediocrity depends on your ability to constantly improve and integrate your talents and skills in an exponentially changing world of work.

Make the most of opportunities to stimulate your career, capabilities and further your professional development with a host of brilliant learning interventions that will not only enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizons, but challenge you to constantly push the envelope of excellence in the new world of work.

Put your career and professional development on a fast track to brilliance with a host of knowledge interventions proudly presented by Pollen Interactions and the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa. It's the best way to broaden your knowledge, while networking with cross-industry colleagues.

Make it a "Love to Learn" year with:

Note:  if you work for a registered charity, contact us for a special offer – limited spaces available.

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