how we work

Our approach to client engagement is totally flexible.
What do you need? How much time do you and your team have? Are there issues or problems that may stand in the way of building individuals to their maximum? What’s your budget – what can you afford and how can we create a training series or interventions that will fit your budget - while still achieving your objectives?

Trainers have to be paid and while we understand this - we are also conscious of the financial restraints that organistions in today’s economy must work within.

Typically, you would call us. We’ll meet and collaboratively look at outcomes required. From here we will propose, by way of a high level document, the best way forward. More discussion and a final proposal and cost is agreed on.

Depending on your requirements, travel or venues that may need to be booked, a 50% deposit is requested upfront. Obviously - with the requisite guarantees of excellence in place.

Our customised training approach can be visually mapped as follows:

Pollen aims to achieve measurable outcomes and our aim is to do a snapshot of “level of understanding” upfront, so that on a regular basis we can assess progress being made and can demonstrate the provision of real value.
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